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Based in Cerea, Verona, Frison Sedie conceptualizes and designs chairs and pieces of furniture. The combination of high production standards, and our passion and handiwork, is what makes Frison Sedie what we are: for many years Frison Sedie have delivered a product that is unique, original, and curated down to the finest level of detail. Our work is the result of a balance between light and beauty. Years of experience in delivering at a high standard, and in line with our philosophy: to craft a product that is unique, modern and original.

In our sector, Frison Sedie is one of the few businesses in our region and our country that still values handicraft. Against products that look and feel mass produced, our designs are empowered by the vision of our experts. Frison Sedie is for those who want to create unique spaces and experiences.

Frison Sedie designs chairs and furniture sets using high quality material. All carving is done by hand: even today, our dovetail joints are our signature. Our special varnishing process adds an extra touch to products suited for more classical spaces. Every piece is 100% made in Italy. Throughout the process, our clients are supported towards creating a space that is modern, inviting and simply beautiful.


Do our job with professionalism. Always.
To ensure every space is elevated…
Through a chair that is the union of ability, vision, and technology. 

Aim to be our sector’s leaders.
Leveraging the power of our high-quality handicraft, against the current.
With a product that is unique and niche. 

 Ethics. Transparency. Experience.
Enthusiasm and passion shape everything we do.
Close collaboration with our clients. Meeting expectation, and always working towards improvement..