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Technical expertise, passion and drive: our chairs merge high quality with durability. Our team at Frison designs highly valued products, where artistry reveals itself in every detail. Our niche productions elevate and enrich any space.

Frison Sedie liaises with the client from the start, when the project is still at its infancy. Next is the design phase: the right selection of material. Then the creation phase, where the product is built, refined, and delivered. After delivery, the client is assisted with the combination and matching of furniture, to create a space with a unique feel. Our chair as well as our other products can adapt to any space, from classical to modern, and reflecting the versatility of our Made in Italy.

The high quality end products require ability and attention to detail, from the wood selection, to the cutting, the drying process, and the finishing touches. Each step mastered to provide durability. Products that compliment and elevate each space.

Choosing the right raw material, from color to wood grains is an essential step towards achieving a design that compliments the space in which the chair (or any other piece of furniture) will be part of.

Our experts select only the highest quality trunks. Based on the wood’s age and robustness, our experts adapt every cut to what the final product requires.

Following the cutting, the wood is placed in large sealed ovens. This particular ambient condition helps remove water from the wood itself, which in turns makes it easier to shape, model, and at the same time ensure durability.

The wood is carved throughout the process with the final design always in mind. Each modification working toward and end product that will only compliment the space it will be part of.

This phase is where everything comes together, where each piece is assembled towards creating the end product.  The product is inspected by our experts to evaluate overall quality and robustness, to ensure what we’ve created is there to last.